Woman stepping into a plane with compression socks.

This is what flying does to your body

Some might absolutely love traveling by plane, while the other rather jumps of a bridge tied on a bungeecoard. Which is odd, because flying is by far the safest mean of transportation. But still, flights are not only boring and uncomfortable, but they also cause sleepless nights and these swollen ankles when you get off the plane. One big advantage: You’re here! Arrived on your sunlit holiday destination. Time to do absolutely nothing for two weeks. No cooking or ironing, and grocery shopping is even fun in that little supermarket down the street. But don’t you just want to get off the plane and still have plenty of energy? Instead of first having to take a nap in your holiday home? Let me tell you the reasons why you feel so exhausted after a flight.

Airplanes fly on big heights, where the air pressure is very low. Off course they pump extra oxygen in the cabin, but there is still less oxygen available than on the ground. Your body is not used to this. That’s why it’s so important to take a walk occasionally and drink a lot of water. Stay away from alcoholic drinks. We get it, that long flight is kind of exciting, but don’t do it. Because alcohol lets your body absorb even less oxygen. Funny fact: this is the reason why you get drunk very easily on a plane. Besides this, it’s not healthy for your body and blood circulation to sit in a chair for a couple of hours. It causes pain and swellings (the swollen ankles everybody is familiar with). We don’t want to scare you, but later on it might even cause deep venous thrombosis. Deep venous what?! These are blood clots in your legs as a result of inactivity for a long period.

We know you might fear your next flight a little, but this is not necessary. We got the perfect remedy for a flawless flight. STOX Travel Socks are especially designed to give you more energy during the flight. You get off the plane fully charged, so you’re ready to explore your holiday destination. STOX stimulate the blood circulation in the legs and provide maximum oxygen-capacity of the muscles.

This prevents swollen feet. Bye, bye swollen ankles! The risk of traveler’s thrombosis on long flights is 18,75 times greater without wearing compression stockings. The important ingredients of Milk Fiber are milk casein proteins, which are PH-neutral and can therefore nourish and lubricate the skin. So no more swollen feet during a flight!

‘Have an energizing journey!’