STOX Energy Socks Intelligence

Performance by Technology

STOX Energy Socks give you the support and confidence to perform the way you want. Our graduated compression technology helps you level up – whether that’s a faster time, a longer run, or a more comfortable and productive day.

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Machines in a factory
White threads machine with blue cables

Made for endurance and comfort

Our socks are made in Italy on advanced circular knitting machines that deliver the most precisely graduated compression available. The result is a targeted fit around your muscles, which increases blood circulation and reduces fatigue and injuries.




Alongside of compression technology, we’ve taken into account all the other factors that contribute to your performance and comfort, like breathability, dryness and flexibility. We incorporate industry-leading materials such as Dryarn®, Merino wool, Deocell® and Lycra®. Every advantage counts.

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Designed for greater flow and faster recovery

Our graduated compression technology works with specific decreased pressure up the legs at precise mmHg ratings. The pressure is tighter at the ankles and looser going up the legs to help blood flow freely instead of pooling. The arteries taking oxygenated blood to your muscles are able to relax, allowing proper circulation. At the same time, your veins get a boost, pushing deoxygenated blood back to your heart and lymph nodes, and helping muscles recover faster.

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Merino wool naturally thermo-regulates your temperature to keep you warm in winter, cool in summer.

Dryarn® keeps you dry by wicking 6 times more moisture than classic polyester.

Medical board

  • Man wearing white doctor's coat with his arms folded over each other.

    Dr. Disselhoff

    Vascular surgeon at Cosmed Kliniek

    "As a vascular surgeon, I can confidently affirm to the exceptional comfort and support offered by these compression class 2 stockings. Designed with high quality materials, they prioritize both comfort and functionality. I recommend them to all individuals engaged in standing professions, ensuring optimal comfort and support throughout their demanding workdays."

  • Man standing on grass field wearing dark blue polo with logo's.

    Rogier Hoek

    Physiotherapist at Sparta

    "For those leading an active lifestyle or enduring long hours of standing at work, I highly recommend STOX Energy Socks."