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About STOX

We are performance driven

We created STOX to help athletes push the limits of their abilities and achieve their full potential. But you don't need to be one to benefit from compression technology. Whether you’re an athlete, frequent flyer, or someone who works on their feet all day, STOX Energy Socks give everyone a simple and scientifically proven way to boost performance and take care of their legs.

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“We created STOX Energy Socks to elevate your body performance. Innovate medical technology that delivers endurance and confidence.”

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STOX Energy Socks was founded by Caspar Disselhoff in 2015, whose father is a renowned vascular surgeon practising in the Netherlands.
Today STOX Energy Socks has its team housed in the Olympic Stadium of Amsterdam and has become a European leader in the market of compression socks.

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Our mission is to help you level up

Whether your game is professional or for play, every advantage matters.  Making the most of the moment. Achieving your full potential. Being at your best from the first step to the very last. 

We created STOX Energy Socks to elevate your body performance. Innovative medical technology that delivers endurance and confidence. 

Transformative materials that protect and improve. Compression socks for greater flow and faster recovery. More energy for everyday comfort.

We sweat the tech details so you can sweat on the trail, course or slope.  The best technology and original designs for the best performance.
 Our drive is to level up your game. Again and again.

When it comes to materials, we commit to the highest quality and most advanced technology. Our socks are produced in Italy on advanced circular knitting machines and are full of performance boosting materials such as Dryarn®, Merino wool, Deocell® 
and Lycra®.

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