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  • Will be buying more!

    Really help with standing work. Literally my leg tingles and pain is no longer present when standing 10h long. Package came very quickly. Really love the product. Will be buying more! Did have to order a size smaller then the site recommended. site said I needed w2 but w1 provided way better compression without being too fitted

    April 7 July 2023 Verified

  • The perfect solution!

    The Stox I ordered are exactly as I expected, very comfortable and doing what they are made for. I have 4 pairs now and use them daily.

    Lette 5 July 2023 Verified

  • Perfecte pasmaat

    Perfecte pasmaat, snelle levering

    Kris Ramault28 June 2023 Verified

  • Absolutely amazing!

    Absolutely amazing! Fast ordering/delivery and the socks have saved my life while standing all day at a Beyoncé concert. It felt like I was walking on clouds. Definitely recommend.

    Martijn26 June 2023 Verified

  • Great!

    Accidentally received 2 left socks instead of a pair of a right and left one. I’ve sent this to the customerservice and received immediately response and got new pair. Thanks for the solution and the fast service Jackie and Stoxx team!

    Ad29 April 2023

  • Super nice 👍

    Super nice 👍

    Nikki 6 March 2023 Verified

  • top............top ...........................…


    Marc Van Eynde31 January 2023 Verified

  • Super service!

    Super service!

    Floris 1 January 2023 Verified

  • Contact was van begin tot einde conform…

    Contact was van begin tot einde conform de eerder verstrekte informatie .

    m. den ouden26 December 2022 Verified

  • supersnelle levering

    supersnelle levering

    Benno Brozius14 December 2022 Verified

  • Bought a few tubes for myself

    Bought a few tubes for myself. I practice Krav Maga, along with some kickboxing on the punching bag and circuit training. Really helps protect from calf muscles and shins from straining themselves. Especially useful when I use kicks during training. Would highly recommend. Gifted a few pair of tubes to a couple of my friends. They liked it too!

    Sanlap Nandi11 December 2022 Verified

  • Really pleased

    Really pleased with the compression socks, perfect for pregnant women ;)

    Customer 7 December 2022 Verified

  • Top service!!

    Top service!!

    Arjan 4 December 2022 Verified

  • Snelle levering en passen perfect

    Snelle levering en passen perfect

    Carla VdZ 4 December 2022 Verified

  • Daily Lights top

    Topsokken die halflange Daily Lights! Ideaal voor golf

    Simon Neefjes27 November 2022 Verified

  • Great products!

    Great products!

    Yvonne14 November 2022 Verified

  • Was kapot after delivery 😡

    Was kapot after delivery 😡

    Yuki 5 October 2022 Verified

  • Great product!

    Great product, great customer service.

    Mark18 September 2022 Verified

  • Stox ...for a better life

    Uitstekende kwaliteit en on top perfecte service

    Bart Carlens 1 September 2022 Verified

  • Top kousen

    Top kousen , past perfect !

    Dirk22 July 2022 Verified

  • Great

    Great! I'm ordering 3 more pairs

    Marcos10 July 2022 Verified

  • Horrible

    Horrible. Maat advisor doesn’t work. Klantservice is also below zero. There’s no option to ruilen. Just send it back and pay for it

    Elena 9 June 2022 Verified

  • Top product!

    Top product!

    Pim17 May 2022 Verified

  • Half satisfied . like deliveries :1 up 2

    I set 2 different orders for gifts. 1st one received within 3 days, 2d... never and suddenly canceled after a reminder from my part. Wait the money. Wonder the organisation

    Guy15 May 2022 Verified

  • Super service!

    Super service!

    Linda13 May 2022 Verified

  • Package was not delivered

    Package was not delivered, as saleslady at the Rotterdam Marathon expo forgot to enter delivery instructions/details in the computer. Only after contacted you the misstake was found.socks were delivered after 6 days!!

    Gert23 April 2022 Verified

  • Nice deal Great Stox 🤜🤛

    Nice deal Great Stox 🤜🤛

    Aart Hollander19 April 2022 Verified

  • Levering prima

    Levering prima, product idem

    J. K. 9 April 2022 Verified

  • Goed alternatief

    Goed alternatief i.p.v. medical kous.

    M. 7 April 2022 Verified

  • Minder stuwing in de kuiten

    Minder stuwing in de kuiten

    Jaap23 February 2022 Verified

  • Great for sore legs and prevention of…

    Great for sore legs and prevention of muscle pain but extremely difficult to put on

    Sisi 2 February 2022 Verified

  • Great quality

    Great quality

    María15 January 2022 Verified

  • No more painful feets!

    No more painful feets! The socks are doing there work wonderwell. I have a job as head chef, with means long periods of standing up. Now with the socks is like walking on clouds! Recommanded

    Yvan Vande velde14 January 2022 Verified

  • The socks are nice

    The socks are nice, very good quality. I have bought ladies w3 size and above my ankle below my calf the sock is really really tight. But in the end it was okay, but I really did have really cold feed during skiing. Nice socks, good quality but not helping against cold (or tired/painful) feed.

    Louise14 January 2022 Verified

  • Really perfect

    Really perfect. Just buy, but I only immediately saw the quality. I'm sure I'm not disappointed.

    Nicola13 January 2022 Verified

  • Great as always

    Great as always! Fast delivery, high quality, perfect fitting, amazing colours, no cramps or tired legs - i love the socks

    Eva 12 January 2022 Verified

  • Im very disappointed!

    Im very disappointed! Paid and Never got the socks((

    Josef10 January 2022 Verified

  • Very satisfied!

    Satisfied with my skiing socks! After washing still in good shape.

    Joyce 9 January 2022 Verified

  • Works great!

    Works great!

    Gijs 9 January 2022 Verified

  • Just love those socks

    Just love those socks! So comfortable and good for my legs...

    Carolin 9 January 2022 Verified

  • Terrible Customer Services

    After reading reviews I decided to buy a pair of socks at £39 a little expensive I thought but I thought why not. The socks arrived and are in fact great quality however I noticed a small hole in the toe so I decided I would send them back. From the confirmation of the purchase I was given a contact email address for any issues with the product. Over the last 4 days I have sent 4 emails asking about a refund without a single reply, so I decided to contact the Instagram page and I was met with no reply again, at this point I’m getting annoyed, I’ve paid a lot of money for a pair of socks which I cannot use. I then found a returns policy on your webpage which stated the following. “ The amount of purchase will be refunded to your account. Only the cost of sending the package back from your home to STOX Energy will be at your own expense “ How long does it take to get my money back? 
“ The return will be forwarded from our PO box address in the UK to our fulfillment center in the Netherlands, where the return will take place. Allow 3 - 4 weeks before your money is refunded. You will automatically receive an email confirming the refund” So not only do I have to pay for postage to send the defective item back to you which was no fault of my own I have to wait 3-4 weeks to get my money back, how is that right? I could literally get in the car now and drive to Amsterdam and back in less than 48 hours but I have to wait 3-4 weeks. I will be sending the socks back to you tomorrow and once my refund finally arrives in 3-4 weeks time I will never be using your service again. Updated I have just received my refund for the socks I returned so thank you for that however I only got refunded the £39 I paid for the socks so I had to pay for the postage to send you back the defective item.

    Matt B 7 January 2022

  • Great

    I had already ordered before and since I was satisfied with my previous order I had to get more socks. They work great for me and I love the merino used for the socks. I greatly recommend these as I have a sitting job, sometimes up to 12 hours a day.

    Rudy 6 January 2022 Verified

  • Te late levering

    23 december besteld, vroeg in de morgen. 28 december pas in huis.

    Arash 6 January 2022 Verified

  • Snelle levering

    Snelle levering, pasvorm is perfect.

    Niels 4 January 2022 Verified

  • These socks definitely do not suck 🧦

    Goed, lekker en strak. Fijn product!

    PK 3 January 2022 Verified

  • Best choice of the day

    Very good quality of product. Fast delivery (package also included an Christmas packaging for ordered product). I've ordered Sport Tubes size M2 for my boyfriend and it fits perfect. I'll definitely recommend those products to my friends. Large selection of categories and exact specifications for each item.

    Manuela 2 January 2022 Verified

  • High quality!

    High quality!! Lasting

    David D. 31 December 2021 Verified

  • If you need really good cycling socks

    If you need really good cycling socks; don't look further, this-STOX ENERGY SOCKS-are top quality!

    Yvan Vande velde28 December 2021 Verified

  • Contact was prima

    Contact was prima. Levering op tijd.

    Ronald27 December 2021 Verified

  • Superfijne skikousen!

    Superfijne skikousen!

    Daniëlle26 December 2021 Verified

  • Top product

    Top product, top service.

    Joris26 December 2021 Verified

  • Tevredenheid Gegarandeerd

    I wear the socks everyday since they arrived. And I believe that they work their wonders. Because I feel less tired after every shift that I completed at work. My work requires lots of standing and these socks have helped me. The merino blend socks are sure to keep your feet warm during those cold days. They are great socks, but they could be less expensive, just a little bit. Ha ha ha…

    Wille25 December 2021 Verified

  • Great quality socks for everyday use

    I have ordered several pairs of the Travel and Daily socks already, so I was familiar with the STOX socks. This time, I got the light version, which are lower and meant for everyday use. I am now using them every day and am also very happy with them.

    Caterina21 December 2021 Verified

  • Really great socks!

    Really great socks!

    Masa21 December 2021 Verified

  • The best a men can get.

    The best a men can get.

    Ruud18 December 2021 Verified

  • Wonderful experience

    Wonderful experience. I have Always had pain with my Achilles tendon and I tried your socks and find them to be a game changer. Thanks a lot Fabio

    Fabio Baselice17 December 2021 Verified

  • Perfect choice

    Perfect fit and functionality for all occasions. High quality. Fast supply.

    Andreas14 December 2021 Verified

  • Perfect 👍

    Perfect 👍 Vlotte levering

    Lien13 December 2021 Verified

  • I did not received anything !!

    I did not received anything !!

    Giulio Bergomi13 December 2021 Verified

  • No problems

    No problems, everything went as expected by current standards

    Robin13 December 2021 Verified

  • Happy happy happy with my new socks 😉…

    Happy happy happy with my new socks 😉 💪💪

    gwendy bosmans12 December 2021 Verified

  • Snelle accurate levering!

    Snelle accurate levering!

    Heleen van Leersum12 December 2021 Verified

  • Stox delivers

    Stox delivers

    Wim L11 December 2021 Verified

  • Perfect

    Kousen passen perfect! Maat is zoals beschreven!

    Thalia10 December 2021 Verified

  • Snelle levering en past door de…

    Snelle levering en past door de brievenbus.

    Dorien 9 December 2021 Verified

  • good service and good products

    good service and good products

    robert 9 December 2021 Verified

  • Excellent customer service

    Absolutely outstanding customer service from Stox Energy Socks!! Rowin could not have been more efficient, friendly and helpful dealing with my query, I am honestly so impressed! Not to mention how pleased my husband is with the socks… will definitely be buying from them again.

    Francesca 9 December 2021

  • I am so happy with their service

    I am so happy with their service

    Ranjitha 9 December 2021 Verified

  • Feels comfortable for the first try-on

    Feels comfortable for the first try-on, I still need to wear a bit longer for the details. First time buy this brand.

    Tracy 8 December 2021 Verified

  • Excellent

    I am very pleased with the socks

    Ioanna 8 December 2021 Verified

  • Need to get used to pulled them up

    Need to get used to pulled them up, but they are very comfortable and indeed do their job

    marianna poloni 8 December 2021 Verified

  • Quality as promised

    Good quality socks and quick delivery!

    Agne 7 December 2021 Verified

  • really good service

    really good service; it would be even greater, if you could place the "how to put the socks on" instructions in every box; the sizes for stockings are not so precise as they do not include the person's height. When you are 160 cm and size 34 you need a different size of stockings than when you are 180 cm and size 34.

    K.H. 6 December 2021 Verified

  • GOOD fast and wending was quik

    GOOD fast and wending was quik

    marijke bos 6 December 2021 Verified

  • Very very confortable socks

    Very very confortable socks. I wear them after training or a race. I will buy this item again.

    Salvatore Barca 6 December 2021 Verified

  • the socks offer me a fine feeling…

    the socks offer me a fine feeling during and after my run

    Veerle 5 December 2021 Verified

  • Better than expected!

    Excellent quality, presentation and delivery. I ordered Sport socks and Traveling Socks. The traveling socks were slightly big, so the compression isn’t so evident, yet they’re nice looking for compression socks, next time I will order a smaller size, the Sport ones were a small size (34-36/W1) so they fit me perfectly. Stox socks are a bit expensive but with sales and discounts, everything is possible — and for me, it was worth the price. Consider them, if you have pain in the legs or spend much time sitting/standing/running.

    Vanessa 5 December 2021 Verified

  • Quality products

    Quality products, fast delivery

    Romina Vitale 5 December 2021 Verified

  • Great product

    Great product, and great customer service. I bought just before the black fiday deals and asked wether i could get some store credit because I felt like I also deserved the discount even if I bought the weekend before. Customer service was really cool about it and refunded me the diff. Would buy again! (And i actually did, also bought some for my parents!)

    Aldo 3 December 2021 Verified

  • Fast shipping

    Fast shipping, great product.

    Carolina Monteiro 1 December 2021 Verified

  • Very comfortable!

    Very comfortable!

    Alessandro30 November 2021 Verified

  • Good running socks

    Good running socks. Supportive and makes walking less stressful.

    Dirk28 November 2021 Verified

  • Great feeling and nice look

    Great feeling and nice look. Just what i was looking for instead of my medical compression socks.

    Sofie Van der Zanden27 November 2021 Verified

  • Perfect fit

    Perfect fit and excellent delivery

    Joost De Laere24 November 2021 Verified

  • Quick and easy

    Quick and easy

    customer24 November 2021 Verified

  • I really love them

    I really love them. I bought the biggest because I have kind of big underwear and they fit perfectly.

    Eva22 November 2021 Verified

  • Happy with these compression sokxs

    Happy with these compression sokxs, i have lipoedema and it's a great relief that my legs are less tiered.

    Ingrid Theelen22 November 2021 Verified

  • Snelle levering en prettige website

    Snelle levering en prettige website.

    Puck22 November 2021 Verified

  • Cosy, warm, fresh, no smell no cramps

    Used the Stox Skiing socks for resort skiing today. Size I is Perfect fit for my EU-42 / 26.5cm foot. Cozy, warm, no blisters for the first time, no sweating or wet inside the boot, no smell, no cramps. Felt fresh and comfortable. Recommend fully 🙌🏻 Need to try them for ski touring as well to see how it handles there.

    Bostjan21 November 2021 Verified

  • Great!

    Really fast delivery... My order was here the next day. Very happy young top-sporter. GREAT price/quality!

    D Oliveira14 November 2021 Verified

  • Good quality product.

    Good quality product.

    K W14 November 2021 Verified

  • Uitstekende informatie en after sale

    Uitstekende informatie en after sale

    pfj schluter13 November 2021 Verified

  • These sox have dramatically relieved my restless legs

    These Sox socks have dramatically relieved my restless legs syndrom. I now enjoy a peaceful sleep and so does my wife too !!! So happy I am ordering more to ensure enough stock. They are hard to put on and take off but it is worth the effort as the benefit is immense. I have not slept so well for the last fifty years! Wow effect guaranteed. Philippe D - Belgium

    Philippe 12 November 2021 Verified

  • Top kousen.

    Top kousen. Super pasvorm.

    Kris Cornelis 7 November 2021 Verified

  • Efficiente topkwaliteit!

    Efficiente topkwaliteit!

    Guy Van diest 7 November 2021 Verified

  • The medical socks have been very…

    The medical socks have been very helpful. I have a job that requires to be standing most of the day and since I started wearing the socks I feel my legs less tired. Also I wear the recovery socks at home ☺️

    Chela 4 November 2021 Verified

  • This are great socks, highly recommended

    This are great socks, I feel very comfortable with them and my varix are reduced.

    R. Herbst 4 November 2021 Verified

  • Good fit and my legs feel lighter

    Good fit and my legs feel lighter. hard to put on though

    Linda Mulder 3 November 2021 Verified

  • Perfect voor coschappen

    Perfect voor coschappen

    Jo 2 November 2021 Verified

  • They are great to use while sat at the…

    They are great to use while sat at the desk or working out. Very comfortable to wear in spite of them being very tight. Very good indeed.

    George Andrei Stoica 2 November 2021

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