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How to wear and care

Everything you need to know about wearing your socks and washing them afterwards.

How to put STOX Energy Socks on

Wear your socks correctly to level up your performance.

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Follow these steps

  • Technical drawing of hands turning a sock inside out.

    Step 1:

    Turn the leg part of the sock inside out.

  • Technical drawing of a foot being placed in a sock with hands.

    Step 2:

    Put your foot in the toe part of the sock and slide the sock around your heel.

  • Technical drawing of hands pulling up a sock.

    Step 3:

    Then slide the sock up your calf and evenly distribute the length of the sock all the way up your calf until under your knee.

  • Technical drawing of how to pull up a compression sock.

    Step 4:

    For best effect, do not stretch the sock high up and fold over at the top.

Close up detail shot of the inside of a washing machine.
The metal inside of a washing machine.

How to wash and dry your socks

STOX Energy Socks stay in their best condition when washed by hand or in the washing machine at a max temperature of 30ºC. Please don’t put them in the tumble dryer, instead hang to dry, out of direct sunlight.




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