Duo running with compression socks.

These are the best road running shoes!

1. Asics DynaFlyte
We start right away with a running shoe that literally flies over the footpath, because the Asics Dynaflyte is one of the most comfortable running shoes (ideal to combine with compression stockings for running) currently available. What is especially interesting about this shoe is that the sole consists of multiple profiles, with which you not only have a lot of grip on a paved footpath but also on, for example, an athletics track. The DynaFlyte also uses Asics' so-called "FlyteFoam"; a midsole that bounces constantly as you step and immediately returns to its original shape as soon as you lift your foot. This results in particularly good cushioning and improved running performance.

2. Adidas Supernova
The Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8 has been voted the best running shoe of the year twice by Runner’s World in the past. The 2017 model of the Adidas Supernova Glide Boost has received quite a few tweaks. To avoid confusion or stutter in a running store, Adidas has also made it a lot easier for us by simply calling the new model Supernova. In most cases, a newer type only gets minimal adjustments, but the new Supernova can actually be considered a new model. The Supernova has a completely new midsole (for more cushioning), new upper part consisting of softer (and more comfortable) mesh and has a little more space for your toes.

3. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33
The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 has, as you can guess, a predecessor: the Air Zoom Pegasus 32. As with many other running shoes, the adjustments of the new versions are often minimal, but it is precisely those small adjustments that make the running experience much better. can make. This is also the case with the Pegasus 33. The cushioning of the Pegasus 33 is located in the heel, just like its predecessor, but this time it has been further developed towards the nose of the shoe. This results in even more cushioning and a better running feeling. The bright and striking design is quite good in our opinion, but more subtle versions are also available.

If you're not in a hurry to buy new running shoes, Nike announced last week that it would release 3 new models this year, including the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34.

4.NewBalance 990v4
The New Balance 990v4 is the fourth version of the legendary 990 series. The first version was introduced in 1982 as a premium running shoe and has proven itself several times over the past 35 years. In combination with a classic design that New Balance is of course known for, the 990v4 offers an ultimate mix of comfort, flexibility and cushioning. This light shoe is very flexible, but has enough stiffness when needed. So it's no surprise that the 990v4 has been hailed on countless blogs as the best running shoe New Balance has ever released.

The big disadvantage of this running shoe? The retail price of the New Balance 990v4 is quite high at €200, and unfortunately we couldn't find a cheaper provider either. The positive side of the story is that this shoe appears to last a very long time, so that compensates things a bit.

TIP: Will one of these examples be your very first pair of running shoes?

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5. Saucony Cohesion 9
In contrast to the above examples, Saucony is a name that you do not often encounter in shoe stores, but the name certainly sounds familiar to many runners. If there is a specialist in running shoes, it is Saucony. The Cohesion 9 is not light, not heavy, not particularly flexible, but not particularly rigid either. With the Cohesion 9, Saucony has found the perfect middle ground.

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6. Adidas Adistar Boost ESM
The Adidas Adistar Boost ESM was introduced at the end of 2014 and is still considered one of the most premium running shoes to this day. Unfortunately, it also had a hefty price tag (€ 180), but nowadays you can get it for a more reasonable price, if you can still find it. The Adistar Boost ESM is no longer in the range of the Adidas Store and is no longer available. It is remarkable that Adidas, and practically every other sports brand that manufactures running shoes, has not yet managed to make a better running shoe than the Adistar Boost ESM. According to RunRepeat, the Adistar Boost ESM is still the absolute number one after 3 years. With a bit of luck you can find another one in your size on Amazon!

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7. Saucony Ride 9
The Saucony Ride 9 is a major upgrade of the well-known Ride 8. All4running has made an extensive comparison of what makes the Ride 9 better than its predecessor. In short: the Ride 9 is equipped with the 'Everun' sole designed by Saucony. The sole consists of balls pressed against each other that give a more direct feeling with the ground and, as it were, return more energy to the shoe. As a result, you lose less energy when taking off or landing your feet, which ensures a more pleasant running session. In terms of design? Well, opinions are divided on that. The standard image above is something to love, but luckily there are also more subtle versions of the Ride 9.

By the way, the Lightweight Running Socks from STOX Energy go great with the Saucony Ride 9. ;-)

8. Brooks Ghost 9
The color scheme of the running shoe above might remind you of a bad ski suit from the 80s, but you should certainly not underestimate this one. Just like Saucony, the sports brand Brooks is a real specialist in the field of running shoes. And that is not for nothing, because in terms of the quality of the Brooks Ghost 9 you can safely put it next to the Adidas Adistar Boost ESM. The large midsole, which extends nicely towards the toe of the shoe, provides sufficient cushioning in both your heel and your forefoot. In addition, the upper part is completely seamless to prevent possible irritations while running. If you don't like the above design at all, fortunately there are also color combinations that are contemporary. ;-)

9. Mizuno Wave Rider 20
Just like Nike and Adidas, Mizuno is a general sports brand that is not only committed to running sports, but still manages to produce damn good running shoes. The Wave Rider series is proof of that. Practically everything that was already good about the Wave Rider 19, they apparently managed to make even better with the Wave Rider 20. Just like with the Supernova 9 from Adidas, Mizuno has given the Wave Rider 19 a major upgrade, making it a completely new shoe has become. The 20 has a new design, improved midsole for even more cushioning, a completely different shoe sole and a much softer top part that provides even more comfort and a better fit. A completely new running shoe.

10. On Cloudflow
This may be a bit of a strange bird, but the Swiss sports brand On came into the spotlight at the end of last year thanks to the arrival of the Cloudflow. In fact, currently (March 2017) the On Cloudflow is ranked 3rd best running shoes by RunRepeat. So what makes these running shoes so good? Most striking is the sole of the Cloudflow, which consists of 18 independent blocks (or in On's words: clouds) that gradually distribute the cushioning and mold better to the profile of the surface. Ideal if you are running on a rough footpath or old asphalt. Thanks to the combination of the ultra-light materials used for this shoe and the so-called Cloudtec technique, your daily running training is just peanuts!

In short, good running shoes, a pair of STOX running socks, a nice running playlist and a good running schedule and you're all set! Do you know a pair of good running shoes that we have not mentioned or are you curious about how our compression socks work? let us know!