Push yourself to the max? Here 8 ultimate running playlists of 2017!

Push yourself to the max? Here 8 ultimate running playlists of 2017!

1. Nike Running Tempo Mix
If there is a sports brand that is fully committed to runners, it is Nike. In addition to putting the most advanced running shoes and crossfit socks on the market, they also choose the right numbers for running with our own compression stockings from Stox. We found this playlist particularly interesting because the tracks are supplemented instead of replaced. So expect a mix of the latest tracks such as Andromeda from Gorillaz to future classics such as Gotta Get Away from The Black Keys (still very good!).

TIP: Are you also immediately motivated by the nice spring weather to start exercising and have you just made the decision to start running? Check out our blog about running tips for beginners!

2. POPSUGAR Fitness: Spring 17 Hits

3. Running To Rock 170-190 BPM
Are you ready for sharp guitar solos and power chords? Then you should definitely turn on this energetic running playlist from Spotify. Linkin 'Park, Marilyn Manson, Saliva and even the classic rock band Lynrd Skynrd; this playlist is a blast! All tracks have a BPM (Beats Per Minute) from 170 to 190. This allows you to constantly run at the same tempo without having to keep an eye on your speed.
4. Billboard Top 100
We already mentioned these in a previous blog with running playlists, but if there is a platform that has the very latest hit charts, it is Billboard. In that case, of course, they can't be left behind with Spotify. The Billboard Hot 100 playlist is updated weekly with the most popular songs from every genre of music imaginable. So definitely worth listening to!

5. Run Playlist.

6. Running Workout
Running non-stop with an up-tempo playlist full of energetic tracks? With Filtr's Running Workout playlist, that won't be a problem at all. Expect big dance hits from Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix and many, many more!

7. Pitchfork's Best New Tracks - Running Guide
Think of Pitchfork as the IMDB of the music world. When a new album comes out, they certainly don't mince words! In this running playlist you will find Pitckfork's most favorite running music. In addition to being replenished throughout the year, it is also very diverse. So expect a special mix of songs such as Kendrick Lamar's Humble (hip-hop), The Courtneys' Minnesota (indie/rock) and Mr. Fingers' Qwazars (acid/house).

8. April 2017 Running Mix
'April means shaking off the last winter.', this is stated in the description of this playlist. And we are only too happy to believe that because the last few weeks we have had really radiant weather. With the April 2017 Running Mix from Runner's World you will make a lot of kilometers while the most exciting beats whiz in your ears. From Chance the Rapper to David Guetta and on to Michael Kiwanuka; all tracks with which you can feed yourself with a good load of positive energy.

In short, if you want to cover those 15 kilometers swinging, then the above playlists in combination with running socks from Stox will do just fine. Do you know a few cool tracks or playlists that we should not miss? Share it with us!

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