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With these tips you’ll have plenty of energy during your ski holiday

Tips to stay energized on the slopes.

The clean air you breathe, the watery cold and the bright blue sky with the sun shining: SKI HOLIDAYS! The first snowflakes have fallen and some of us have the privilege to drive towards those beautiful snow-covered mountains again and have an awesome week of full of skiing or snowboarding.

In a car packed with warm ski clothes, you cross the border with your family and/or friends. It’s special how we really look forward to that one week lasting ski holiday every year. The cosiness, the cold, but most important, the snow! However, it isn't all rosy, going on a ski holiday also means very hard work! Out of breathe after the first descent, acidification in your legs. Don't tell us that you don't mind to take a day off because of those reasons. That's such a waste! That's why we are gonna provide you a couple of tips, so you can easily make it though your ski holiday and enjoy skiing or snowboarding every day without painful legs.

Tip 1: High quality skiing or snowboarding gear for your ski holiday

You don’t want to feel chilly or get cramps during skiing or snowboarding. Ski gear of a high quality is therefore of great importance. STOX Skiing Socks won’t only keep your feet comfortably warm, they’re also very functional. Like other STOX Energy Socks, the Skiing Socks contain degressive compression. The compression makes sure your legs have an optimal blood circulation, resulting in a maximum oxygen supply to the muscles. Subsequently, you’ll experience energetic legs and you'll be ready for a day of intense skiing or snowboarding. The socks also reduce muscle fatigue and increase body cleanse, which speeds up recovery. Lets switch back to the part about warm feed, because I already hear you think: ‘Yeah, I like them warm, but I don't want sweaty feet!?’ Don't worry, you won’t have any sweaty feet with the STOX Skiing Socks. That's because they're made of merino wool. Merino wool is particularly good at regulating body temperature, because the smaller fibers trap body heat, similar to someone who is warmed up in a sleeping bag. And in combination with the so-called ‘Moisture Wicking Fabrics’, sweat is driven to the outside of the sock, so you will experience warm and dry legs during skiing of snowboarding.

So, let's sum up the benefits of this indispensable part of ski clothing.

  • More energy, because they provide more oxygen to the leg muscles;​
  • Less muscle ache, because the socks reduce muscle fatigue and increase the removal of waste products;​
  • Less muscle damage and reduced risk of shin splints, because they create a shock-absorbing effect;
  • Ensure dry feet and legs, so no sweaty legs

Tip 2: Do exercises as preparation for your ski holiday

Practice, practice, practice. You can train and prepare your legs well before you go to your ski resort. Normally after the first day of skiing you'll notice that your legs have worked considerably hard. Acidification, muscle ache.  Those are the ailments that make you want to stay home the second day, because you don’t have enough energy. But that’s really a waste! One of the exercises that will make you energetic on the slopes are knee bends.

Take a shoulder width positions. The feet may be slightly outward. Then bend the knees until your thighs are horizontal with the ground. Keep your back as straight as possible. In order not to burden your joints too much, it is important that your knees and feet continue to point in the same direction. Also make sure that your knee does not pass your toes when bending. Your arms need to be stretched forwards during the exercise.

Other exercises such as mountain climbers and the side plank also help you to warm up your muscles for a good ski holiday.

Tip 3: snacks and drinks for more energy op the slopes

Are you familiar with the word 'hangry'? The combination between 'hunger' and 'angry'. You are in full swing all day long and burn a lot of calories. So make sure you have enough snacks and drinks for on the slopes. If you have to sit down at a restaurant every time, it becomes very expensive. Think of small packages of drinks, an apple, energy bar or small celebration chocolates for the small appetite. This will keep you going during your ski holiday!

Tip 4: Avoid school holidays

Okay, if you have children then you don’t really have a choice. But when you do, you should go outside the ski holiday season. Not only in terms of crowds, but also in costs, this difference is enormous. It can save you a couple of hundred euros. So you go outside the holiday season and you definitely have a win-win. You’ll have plenty of space on the slopes and no infinite lines in front of the ski lifts.

So, all tips collected and stored? Then the preparation can begin now! As a final tip, we can also recommend the Recovery Socks. You put on these compression socks after skiing and help to prevent any cramps & muscle aches.

What do the Recovery Socks promise:

  • Faster recovery, they ensure an increased circulation of blood, so that waste products are removed faster'
  • Accelerate the recovery time of injuries, because they improve blood and fluid drainage, which speeds up the recovery period of injuries such as shin splints, calf and Achilles tendon problems;
  • Dry legs, the Moisture Wicking Fabrics keep the legs and feet dry;
  • More energy, thanks to a higher oxygen supply to the muscles, you'll have enough energy for the apres-ski!