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The solution for tired and heavy legs

Do you ever suffer from tired and heavy legs? You're not the only one. And there are quite a few different possible causes. Here you can read why you suffer from tired legs, what extra unpleasant consequences can be and even more important: how you prevent this!

Causes of tired legs

When you've just made an intensive physical effort, such as a sports competition, a long walk or just on a day-trip, it's not surprising that you have the feeling you're legs are heavy. You probably have overloaded the muscles in your legs. By standing for a long time you can also overload your legs. You often see this cause of tired legs in occupations in which people stand a lot, such as hairdressers and catering staff. Another possible reason that your legs are overloaded is overweight or pregnancy. Hereby there is continuously a lot of pressure on your legs, due to the heavy weight they have to carry.

Does 'sitting sickness' sounds familiar to you? These days we spend hours sitting behind our desks on a day at work. This long inactivity causes a worse blood circulation, which can result in fluid and blood accumulations in your ankles. Because of this, you can experience heavy feet. Not only during your day at work, but also when you'r traveling long in an airplane: when your in the same position for hours. This way you will probably arrive at your destination tired and washed-out.

Other factors
There are more factors that can be the cause of tired legs. Like your age: the older you become, the weaker your vessel walls become. This ensures poor blood drainage. In addition, a wrong position of the feet (think of flat feet or incorrect winding of your feet) can also overload your muscles: your leg muscles are continuously correcting your body position in relation to your feet.

Possible unpleasant consequences

Annoying effects of poor circulation in the legs are short-term legs, but in the long term it can also lead to varicose veins or even thrombosis. The vein valves in your legs work even worse then, so that the discharge of your blood to your heart and other muscles is difficult.

It is also possible that you suffer from edema: these are swollen legs due to fluid accumulations. This is because in addition to blood, other fluid can't be drained properly, and it stays behind in the tissue of your legs and feet. Your weight increases due to all the moisture and it causes a heavy and painful feeling. Consequences you surely want to prevent.

This way you avoid tired legs

The solution to these problems is wearing STOX Energy Socks. During a work day or a day out you can wear the Everyday Socks. The soft footbed makes the socks feel comfortable and they are available in the colors black, dark blue and white. A traditional sock with a medical effect that makes you look fashionable and maintains your energy at the same time.

The Running Socks or Sport Tubes are worn during sporting. The socks optimize your blood circulation, improving your endurance. In addition, they ensure that fewer waste products remain behind in the legs, which reduces muscle pain and reduces the chance of injuries.

Are you going to make a long journey? Then the Travel Socks are the ideal solution. The medical operation in the sock ensures that your fit arrives at your destination. How does this sock differ from the other STOX Energy Socks? There is merino wool processed which ensures that your feet stay warm in the plane. Feel comfortable.

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