Chilblains: symptoms and treatments

Chilblains: symptoms and treatments

Chilblains, also known as perniones, are a common condition during the cold seasons. In this blog post, we discuss the causes, symptoms, and effective solutions for preventing and treating chilblains. Additionally, we explain how our compression socks can help you prevent chilblains and keep your feet warm even during the coldest winter months.

    What are chilblains?

    Chilblains are a condition in which the small blood vessels in your toes suddenly narrow after exposure to cold. This causes uncomfortable symptoms such as redness, swelling, and itching. Chilblains tend to occur in cold temperatures when your toes are exposed to moisture combined with low temperatures.

    Symptoms of chilblains

    The symptoms of chilblains can range from mild to severe. Typical signs of chilblains include:

    • Pain and itching in the toes.
    • Red or purple discoloration of the skin.
    • Swelling of the affected areas.
    • In some cases, blisters may develop.

    These symptoms can persist for hours to days after exposure to cold and damp conditions.

    Those at higher risk of chilblains

    While chilblains can affect anyone, certain groups are generally more susceptible to developing chilblains than others. The risk of chilblains are higher if you:

    Have family members with the same condition.

    • Are female.
    • Lead a sedentary lifestyle.
    • Are underweight.
    • Smoke (especially heavy smoking).
    • Use beta-blockers.

    Preventing chilblains

    Fortunately, you can take measures to prevent chilblains. Here are some tips:

    Wear warm, well-fitting shoes to protect your toes from cold temperatures.

    • Try to keep your feet dry and avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.
    • Regularly move your toes and feet to promote circulation and generate warmth.
    • Refrain from scratching if you experience itching or irritation to prevent skin damage.
    • Quit smoking.

    Treating chilblains

    If you do develop chilblains, there are several steps you can take to alleviate the symptoms:

    • Gradually warm your toes. Avoid placing your feet directly near a heat source.
    • Use medicinal creams or ointments to reduce itching and pain.
    • Consult a doctor if symptoms are severe or persist.

    Compression stockings against winter toes

    An effective way to prevent and alleviate chilblains is by wearing compression socks from STOX Energy Socks. These compression stockings are designed to improve blood circulation in your feet and retain warmth.

    The compression socks offer comfort and support, making them ideal for those prone to chilblains. For extremely cold periods and winter sports, there are special ski socks with compression. These are made from merino wool and keep your feet warm throughout the day.