Workout everyday or also plan rest days?

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Basically everything with 'too' in it, isn't good for you. So you also shouldn't be working out too much. Unless you have sufficient rest of course. It's always a matter of balance. If you exercise too intensively for a couple of weeks, you may even lose muscle mass and build up more fat mass. Therefore you should work out in a proper way. But what if you still feel the need to exercise every day?


If you workout too much, you can suffer from overtiredness. Therefore it's important that you rest sufficiently. You should see it like you only have a limited energylevel on a day. When you use a lot more energy than your energylevel on daily basis, it won't make any happier.

When you train too much and too intens your body creates the stress hormone Cortisol. You get tired quickly, become grumpy and can easily get injured. Train a lot = rest a lot. Is the recovery process taking too long for you? Then you should put on the STOX Recovery Socks immediately after your workout. STOX accelerates your recovery process. How? They make your blood and fluid flow better. In addition, they reduce muscle fatigue and promote the removal of waste, which also speeds up the recovery.

Get the most out of your workout

If you're really feeling the need to train every day. We recommend dividing your muscle groups in different days. So, if you go running on one day, you should train your arms the next one. This way your legs have time to recover and you can exercise more often without stimulating a muscle too often. Despite the fact that it's amazing that you're so motivated and want to train every day, keep in mind that if you, for example, have a night of bad sleep or have had a day with more stress than normal, it requires a lot of energy from your body. Energy that you normally don't actually have at that moment.

Energy conservation during your workout

Something that can help you to preserve your energy while exercising is an adapted diet. Your body needs energy on training days. And where do you get energy from? Right, carbohydrates. Logically try to limit your carbohydrate intake on your resting days. Your body doesn't need all this extra energy. Make sure you eat enough protein after your training so that your muscles recover well. You can read more about what you need for perfect recovery on the blog about why your rest is just as important as your workout.

What also can help you to preserve your energy and get the most out of your workout are STOX Running Socks. Due to the medically justified compression technique, the blood and fluid in the legs which has dropped to the ankles is pushed back up again, as it were. This optimalizes your blood circulation and maximizes the oxygen supply to the muscles. This way you can push yourself that extra bit to get the most out of your training. You can wear STOX during a workout in the gym, but of course also during a run. What makes STOX unique is that they create a shock-absorbing effect which ensures that the damage to the muscle tissue is reduced to a minimum. This reduces muscle fatigue.

So, is it wise to exercise every day? Provided that all factors such as enough sleep, not too much stress, a balanced diet, etc. are optimal, then it's possible. However, practice shows that this is unfortunately not always the case, so we recommend taking sufficient rest so that you can recover well.

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