Working woman in a red room with compression socks.

Hip & Nice Support Stockings

Many people with support stockings still have a picture of flesh-colored grandma socks made of heavy materials that scratch, pinch and feel like tightly packed insulation material.

Perhaps this description applied years ago, but the STOX Energy Socks range shows something completely different. It must be said that these support stockings do not even come close to your grandma's stockings.

Modern stockings
Since those dark days, many innovations have taken place that have led to the development of new and improved stockings. In addition, the modern knitting machines of our factory are able to literally knit circles, which used to be state-of-the-art technology.

The result is that support stockings have undergone a complete transformation. The STOX Energy Socks range looks and feels more like high quality knitwear. They not only come in a wider variety of colors, but are also made from strong, but at the same time soft and elastic material to ensure that they deliver the right work to promote healthier legs.

STOX Energy Socks realizes that health-conscious customers like to use the therapeutic effects of compression and supportive clothing, but at the same time they demand that support stockings reinforce and complement their appearance and fashionable choices at work and respond to this with an attractive style and design.