Moving and staying active outside gives you a huge boost!

A short run or brisk walk outside in nature gives your well-being a huge boost! Endorphins are produced, you experience the fresh outside air and your head is completely empty after a walk outside. By staying active you feel fit and vital. Start today! It is often difficult to start up and maintain your training. A schedule and specific goal (such as running 5km, 10,000 steps per day) will help you.

It is important to build up the intensity in order to avoid injuries and achieve the maximum effect. That is why we have put together training schedules for you for different purposes. With one of the STOX challenges you can train at your own level and achieve achievable goals according to your own schedule.

You will find that after completing your challenge for a week, you will experience satisfaction. In addition to feeling better by staying active, you’ve taken steps and have persisted. We would say go for it! The entire STOX team also takes part in the challenge!

Michiel: "Started the 10,000 step challenge, after day 4 I noticed the difference! I feel less slow and sluggish. I also sleep loads better."

Tip: Find a buddy with whom you do a STOX challenge and motivate each other.



In these times it is important not to overload your body, so follow the schedule as a guide but listen to your own feelings. Ensure good recovery and pay extra attention to hygiene and contact distance!


Answer the 3 questions below for yourself and choose the corresponding challenge.


Where do you focus on this challenge? Running or Walking

How do you want to train? Training towards a goal or maintaining a goal?

Are you a? Beginner or Advanced


Click on the desired challenge to receive the PDF!

Running - training towards a goal

Beginner: RUN WITHIN 21 DAYS 5KM

Advanced:RUN WITHIN 21 DAYS 10KM

Walking - maintain a goal

Beginner: 5,000 STEPS PER DAY

Advanced: 10,000 STEPS PER DAY


Walking - training to a goal


Advanced: 16,000 STEPS PER DAY WITHIN 30 DAYS

How do you keep track of your number of steps?

Most people use an app on their smartphone for this. Android users have the Google Fit app and Iphone users the Health app. You can also use a specific pedometer app if you like. These are 5 apps that we like to use:

- Accupedo.

- Pedometer.

- Runtastic Steps.

- Human.

- Pacer.

As an Official Socks Supplier of the KWBN we would like to refer to the site of Here you will find more information about the benefits of walking with compression socks.

If you register, we will raffle several STOX Energy Socks among these participants to support the challenge even better!

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