Woman running on sand with compressions socks.

Benefits compression stockings


We all know that feeling that we push our legs in all kinds of situations just too much. As a result, swollen, tired or even painful legs can be experienced. For example during a working day where you sit or stand for hours on end. Due to the long inactivity of the body, the blood circulation deteriorates and the blood and fluid in the legs simply drops due to gravity to the ankles. Due to the pressure that develops on the ankles, the aforementioned complaints can be experienced. Thanks to the medically proven compression technique incorporated in STOX, you can experience the benefits of compression stockings. The technique ensures that the blood circulation is optimal, resulting in a maximum oxygen supply to the muscles. The implementation of the degressive compression is made possible because the machines use the so-called 'circular knitting technique'. Feel fit and energetic and stay focused and productive.

Tip: experience the benefits of compression stockings not only during a working day, but also while walking or just a day out.


Athletes often experience the advantages of compression stockings when an injury occurs. The medical socks from STOX also contain the medically-based compression technique, which improves the discharge of blood and fluid. This accelerates the recovery period of injuries such as tibia irritation (shin splints), calf and Achilles tendon problems. Athletes without injuries certainly also benefit from wearing compression stockings. When you wear STOX, your blood circulation is optimal and a maximum oxygen supply to the muscles is created, which ensures energy conservation. You experience energetic legs and do not have to hold back on your sport performances. The shock-absorbing effect in STOX ensures that the damage to the muscle tissue is reduced to a minimum. This means you experience less muscle pain. Ideally, the sports socks are combined with the recovery socks. For reasons of hygiene, you can easily understand your sports socks after exercising. In addition, the thickened footbed and the sporty design do not always match the daily clothing. Therefore wear the recovery socks with a calmer design to experience less muscle pain and faster recovery. STOX has a matching sock for every activity in daily life.

Tip: experience the advantages of compression stockings not only during running, but also during cycling, golfing, skiing or during hockey.


During a long journey, your body experiences a long inactivity. You sit still in the same position for a long period. This allows the ankles to set up with painful legs as a result. Thanks to STOX, this is a thing of the past and you will be fit to your destination. The medical underpinned compression technique ensures that the blood and fluid that has dropped to the ankles is pushed back upwards so that the blood circulation is optimal. The risk of traveling thrombosis on long flights is also 18 times smaller when you wear compression socks. Because experience shows that many people like to take off their shoes during a long journey, merino wool has been incorporated into STOX travel stockings. This material regulates temperature, which keeps the feet nice and warm in a cold plane.

Tip: a real chill? The travel stockings contain the same pressure class as the work socks. The travel stockings can therefore also be worn in daily life.