Men sitting in a airplane with compression socks.

What can you do about swollen ankles during and after a flight

A weekend in Paris or perhaps a nice trip to Asia. We can all imagine a destination where we want to go to on a holiday. But do you take good care of your body during your flight? Because if we eat healthy, we also want to take good care of the rest of our body, right? So why not take swollen ankles seriously instead of just an 'ailment'?

What happens during a long flight?

If you sit still for a long period of time, the blood and fluid in your body will flow down to your legs due to gravity. In the worst case this can cause blood clots, but often it only causes discomforts such as swollen ankles or more difficulties putting on your shoes. When you're on a plane and sit still for a long time, your blood doesn't flow enough and therefore it can start to clot. This is what we call traveler's thrombosis. The low pressure in an airplaine is also not conducive to the blood circulation in your body. Since you're in a plane and won't move for hours, it's smart to give your blood circulation a helping hand.

Tips to keep your blood flow optimal while flying

A lof of people wear tight pants these days, but make sure you don't wear them on a plane. Wear comfortable, loose clothing to keep your blood circulation optimal. STOX Travel Socks improve the blood flow back to the heart and prevent the tired and heavy feeling in your legs while traveling. But these are high and tight socks, right? True! But unlike tight clothing, STOX contains a medically-justified compression technique. This reduces the risk of thrombosis and it makes you feel more energetic, focused and alert. Still experience tired legs a day after the flight? That's a thing of the past, because STOX Travel Socks ensure less performance loss the day after you boarded the plane. STOX stabilize the ankles, shins and calf muscles and provide optimal support in the right places. Wearing compression socks during a flight ensures an optimal blood circulation, which prevents tired and painful legs.

What to do about swollen ankles after a flight?

Did you forgot the Travel Socks and experience swollen ankles or tired legs after a flight and do you just want to start your holiday right away? Then we have the following recommendations for you! For example, take a quick walk to get your blood flowing properly again. Or pay more attention to your salt intake. After all, salt ensures that you retain moisture. Did you happen to have your STOX Everyday socks packed? Put them on! These contain the same compression as the Travel Socks but are only without Merino Wool. Our socks are made of Moisture Wicking Fabrics. These are more breathable than natural fabrics like cotton and wool.

With STOX your legs feel better and you keep them fit!