Men strething in a black room with compression socks.

Compression Ski Socks For Men

You are going on a skiing holiday soon and you want good ski socks. That's why you choose ski socks with compression. But which one do you want?

Compression socks help in all kinds of ways to make your ski holiday a great one.
They prevent cramps while skiing, keep your feet warm and ensure that you can be fit on the slopes every day (without muscle pain!).

At least, if you have the right compression socks for skiing.

What should you pay attention to in compression ski socks for men?

Compression level

  • Compression ski socks must first of all have the right compression. The correct compression level for ski socks is 23 to 32 mmHg.
  • Do you see ski socks that have less compression? Then the operation is not optimal.
  • Do the ski socks have more compression? Then it may be that they are made for medical reasons (read: prevent varicose veins, etc.), but that they can sit uncomfortably tight.


  • Compression ski socks must contain the right materials. When skiing you don't want the sock to itch, or you still have cold feet. So look carefully at the material when buying compression socks for skiing. Merino wool is an extremely suitable material for this, because this fabric is very comfortable and temperature-regulating.

How does compression work?

Compression is simply firm pressure on the lower legs. This pressure ensures that the blood circulation in the legs is supported. The blood circulation is often decisive for a sensation of cold feet, cramps and tired legs after skiing. So it is actually a necessary support for your lower legs.

Why don't all ski socks use compression?

That's exactly what we ask ourselves.

STOX Skiing Socks For Men

At STOX Energy Socks we have immersed ourselves in the world of skiing. This is how we developed our Skiing Socks. These are ski socks, made of merino wool, with a compression of 23-32 mmHg.

Prevent cramps, cold feet and tired legs on the slopes. Already 100,000 people are convinced of STOX Energy Socks.