Pregnant woman preparing for yoga with compression socks.

The solution for restless legs during your pregnancy

A pregnancy is not a bed of roses. There is a lot more to it than you thought. Certainly with your first child. Yet it is beautiful to be pregnant, because there is a mini-me in your belly that will come to introduce him or herself in a few months!

Restless legs during your pregnancy

Many women suffer from restless or tired legs during their pregnancy. Not very surprising, because there is a lot of extra pressure on your legs, since you are a little heavier. In addition, your bloodcirculation becomes weaker due to the increase of hormones. Your veins can expand because of the increasing pressure and work less efficiently. Even varicose veins can evolve. When you feel that your legs tickle or tingle a little, you can move them a little and then it will stop. But not long after that the feeling will come back just as hard. In order to really solve the feeling, compression stockings are regularly recommended. Not very sexy, beige stockings on your legs while you carry your baby.

STOX // Where design and function meet

That's what we thought at STOX and that's why we have the solution to this common pregnancy ailment. STOX brings the function of a stocking, namely the medically justified compression technique, together with a beautiful design. When you wear STOX under your clothes, it looks like you just wear fashionable black, white or blue socks. The highest pressure (compression) is at the ankle and gradually decreases until it finally performs the least pressure just under the knee. Therefore, they feel really comfortable. STOX are made of 'Moisture Wicking Fabrics'. Made of what? These are temperature regulating materials. You won't get hot feet, despite the fact it's a knee-high stocking.

Why you wear STOX during your pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, the heart has to pump a little harder and sometimes the blood flows more slowly through the body. We can not remedy the complaints, but certainly ease them. Pregnancy is simply accompanied by a number of inconveniences and this is one of them. It is important to take these symptoms seriously, because a varicose vein does not 'suddenly' arise. It starts with warm, tingling or tired legs and a few weeks later, varicose veins can develop. Besides the fact that it does not look pretty, it can also cause annoying and painful symptoms.

Feel fit during your pregnancy and keep your legs healthy.