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Problems After a Varicose vein treatment? Try These Options

Have you recently undergone a varicose vein treatment and are now experiencing complaints? Don't worry, this can happen after a procedure. In this article, we will discuss the most common complaints and what you can do if you experience them.

The different complaints:

After a varicose vein treatment, various complaints can arise depending on the treatment method used. Below you will find an overview of common complaints. If the complaints are severe, please contact a (family) doctor.


Pain after varicose vein treatment is normal and may be accompanied by redness, stiffness and tenderness. With laser treatment, pain may persist for fourteen days. 

Irritating or burning sensation:

This may occur after a few days and usually lasts a week to 10 days. If a prescription has been given for it, painkillers may help. Always consult with the (family) doctor about what is wise.

Bruising and swelling: 

This is common after varicose vein treatment and usually disappears after seven to 14 days. If it does not, see a specialist.

Burned skin and thrombosis leg:

After laser treatment, this can be rare. Thrombosis can be recognized by a large swelling around the calf that feels painful.

Wounds and blisters:

Wounds and blisters, which do not look pretty, may occur when using a suture plaster. They usually disappear on their own.

Discoloration of the skin:

Especially in people with a dark skin type, this can occur near the treated vein. The discoloration often disappears again over time.

Vein inflammation: 

In this case, the skin will become red and feel hard, painful and warm. Is this the case? If so, contact a (family) physician.

Advice after varicose vein treatment:

After varicose vein treatment, it is important to follow the following advice for a better running recovery:

Move slowly: 

Movement is very important after varicose vein treatment. Try to move slowly and avoid intense exercises. 

Wearing Support stockings or Compression stockings:

After a varicose vein treatment, wearing support stockings may feel uncomfortable, but they are effective. As an official supplier of the Bergman Clinics, STOX Energy Socks offers support stockings that look like regular socks while still providing the necessary compression. Discover the comfortable support stockings from STOX Energy Socks, the perfect solution after a varicose vein treatment.