Couple running on a highway with compression socks.

Do not take any risks and prevent Shin Splints

Shin splints is an injury from straining and is a tibia irritation. The most common place is above the ankle on the inside against the shin. This can be caused by continuous pulling of the muscle, which attaches to the shin at that location. When running, great force comes to the place where this muscle attaches to the shin. That place can then be very painful. If it gets worse, it will even become inflamed and it is called an inflammation of the peritoneum. Shin Splints can also develop in other places in the lower leg. Excessive use of the foreleg muscles cause them to swell and hurt. Also, prolonged overload can cause cracks in the shin, or fatigue fractures. It is important to get plenty of rest when you suffer from Shin Splints. In addition, you can wear compression stockings for prevention or for a faster recovery. These give stability to the calves so that they shake less, relieve the calves during 'jumping' sports (volleyball, handball, etc.), stimulate the blood circulation in the muscles, so that waste products and oxygen-depleted blood are drained faster and wearing compression stockings reduces swelling. and moisture accumulation against. In short, to reduce the chance of Shin Splints or to recover faster, it is recommended to wear compression stockings!