Sprinting woman on sand with compression socks.

The Best Compression Stockings: No More Hot Feet During The Summer Months!

The summer months often bring sweltering temperatures. If you live in a warm climate, your legs need the extra support of compression more than ever. Wearing long trousers over thigh stockings can trap large amounts of heat and potentially lead to additional health problems. For many, the solution is to simply not wear compression stockings at all in the summer. An apparently easy decision like this can have serious consequences in that it worsens existing venous and lymphatic conditions.X-COOL
Doctors still see this development happening far too often. Patients are often treated in the fall for open wounds and ulcers on their legs because they have not worn support stockings during the summer. Compression stockings can only improve blood circulation and effectively prevent or reduce swelling or ulcers if they are worn daily from the moment you get up to the time you go to bed. STOX's X-COOL support stockings contain the patented material COOLMAX®. The fabrics consist of specially designed polyester fibers that are more "breathable" compared to natural fibers such as cotton. COOLMAX® was originally developed for clothing intended for use during extreme physical exertion - sweat can evaporate quickly, keeping the wearer dry. Ideal, especially during the warm summer months!
No choice
There is simply no choice but to wear compression stockings, because once the veins have enlarged and weakened, they cannot return to their normal size. Only the sustained pressure of compression stockings keeps them at an almost normal size and ensures almost normal operation.