How tight is too tight when wearing support stockings?

Sitting men with compression socks.

Support stockings that are too tight

A common complaint of people wearing support stockings is that they find the pair too tight. Sometimes to the point of being uncomfortable or even unbearable. This, of course, is not the point. Read in this blog how tight support stockings should actually be and what you can do if your support stockings are too tight.

It is important to understand that support stockings are designed to exert compression on the legs. This means that they are naturally supposed to be tight. It is normal to experience a feeling of pinching and tightness when wearing support stockings.

Support stockings have gradual compression. This means they are tightest around the ankles and gradually become less tight toward the top. It is normal for support stockings to feel tighter at the ankle and calf then at the thighs. If you want to learn more about gradual compression, read about compression technology in support stockings.

Putting on Support Stockings

It can be difficult to put on and take off support stockings. It is important to take your time with this so that the socks fit properly without wrinkles and creases that can pinch, cause pain or even impede blood circulation. In addition, support stockings can be damaged if you put them on and off in a hurry.

There are several devices designed to make putting on and taking off compression stockings easier. These are especially useful for people with limited hand strength or rheumatic conditions.

When are support stockings too tight?

It remains difficult to answer how tight support stockings should be, because support stockings have different compression levels and the ideal level varies from person to person. 

Support stockings or support tights are too tight if they:

  • Cause pain
  • Squeeze the skin
  • Cause a feeling of numbness
  • Discoloration of the legs occurs.

My support stockings are too tight, now what?

If you feel your support stockings are too tight, the first step is to adjust the size. It is important to have the right size support stockings for best results. If you have taken the measurements yourself, it is recommended to have them checked again by a professional. You can contact the pharmacy for this purpose to find a certified measurer. We recommend making the appointment in the morning, because at that time you are often less bothered by swollen ankles or leg

Want to know more about the causes of swollen feet and ankles? Read about the 17 causes and solutions for swollen ankles and feet.

Where can i buy the right support stockings?

Fortunately, STOX Energy Socks also offers support stockings that fit you perfectly with the help of our size guide. We offer our support stockings in different colors and types. For example, we have red, purple, blue, white and black support stockings in our range. In addition, STOX Energy socks is known for the comfort and ease of putting on and taking off our compression stockings.

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