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The Exact Cost Of Compression Stockings In The Netherlands Don't Pay Too Much

Also in 2013 there will be a lot more cutbacks and especially the health care will have to pay for it. Medical support stockings are no longer included in the basic package in all cases and you are only eligible for reimbursement if you have a medical diagnosis from your doctor. Currently, the health insured will only be reimbursed if this person suffers from venous or lymphatic disorders in the legs or arms, where it is necessary to exert a pressure of 3.3 hectopascals per square centimeter, which is referred to as pressure class 2. Conditions where this is necessary is include varicose veins and thrombosis. The condition is that this person uses long-term (longer than 6 months) medical support stockings. The health care insured is not reimbursed for support stockings after the removal of varicose veins. Because many insured people were reimbursed for these stockings in the past and many people are medically dependent on support stockings, the large manufacturers of support stockings are able to demand very high amounts. This requires change. At STOX Energy Socks, they believe that care should become more affordable.

Current offer

The health insurer only reimburses two pairs of support stockings per 12 months. The average knee support stocking costs € 59.95 and a groin support stocking € 74.95. In times of crisis such as we are currently in, with the associated reduced pensions and generally lower spending options, this is of course no longer appropriate. Nobody likes to wear the same stockings every day, certainly not because they also need to be washed every now and then.

Affordable at last

STOX Energy Socks stands up for people who depend on medical support stockings and no longer want to spend such high expenses to be able to wear these stockings. It guarantees the highest quality, but at affordable prices. She achieves this by settling for smaller margins, always using the latest, innovative materials for her products and always putting the consumer at number one. STOX Energy Socks only supplies products made from the most innovative and high-quality materials. These include COOLMAX and LYCRA. COOLMAX stands for moisture-wicking fabrics that are more breathable than natural fabrics such as cotton. In addition, it offers great resistance to creasing, shrinking and fading. LYCRA consists of polyurethane and is used as a synthetic rubber, the stretch of which is the largest of all textile materials. In addition, STOX Energy Socks uses a higher microfibre content than its competitors, guaranteeing the softest materials. Microfiber or microfiber refers to synthetic fibers that are finer than one denier. For comparison, microfiber is 1 / 100th diameter of a human hair and 1 / 20th diameter of a silk thread.