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Looking for the right support stockings?
For many men and even some women, this may seem like a valid question. But the real question here should be: What is more important, protecting the "Male Ego" and "Macho", or protecting your health and wellbeing?
Difference between men and women
Obviously, both men and women have very similar types of legs, and both men and women can encounter the same types of venous problems with their legs. In most cases, women are comfortable wearing support stockings, because stockings or tights are normal everyday items of clothing that they are used to wearing. In addition, offers modern styles and fashionable designs for every occasion, making it almost impossible to identify them as support stockings.
Men are less open
Most men, on the other hand, struggle with the idea that they should wear compression stockings, especially to wear them preventively to maintain the health of their legs. Men who already have problems with leg pain, swelling, varicose veins and venous insufficiency (veins that no longer perform their job of pumping blood back to the heart) tend to go more openly about the subject of compression stockings. This is especially true after they have personally experienced what aiding they can offer to the painful symptoms.
Due to established beliefs in society and fear of shame, many men find it hard to get used to the idea of ​​wearing compression stockings. They don't want anything to do with traditionally "feminine" stockings. However, men also often need the support these products have to offer. For these men there is therefore the X-COOL support stocking, which is not much different from an average men's sock.
To do! Just wear it
Preventive, even without the presence of venous conditions, good supportive socks, stockings or tights can make the difference between heavy, tired and painful legs versus energetic and energetic feeling legs after a long (working) day or long periods of sitting and inactivity. There are simply no good or logical reasons why men should not wear compression stockings to keep their legs healthy. The most effective support for the legs have a pressure of at least 15 mmHg.

No longer ashamed of wearing support stockings
If your doctor has prescribed compression stockings, in most cases there will be a pre-existing condition or significant symptoms related to the veins. The bottom line is that even a man shouldn't feel the need to hide anything when it comes to your health and well-being. Depending on your condition - whether it is necessary to wear knee-high or thigh-high compression stockings, your health and well-being should always come first.

Fashionable support stockings: modern colors and patterns
Many men have already discovered the benefits of compression stockings to maintain the health of their legs. Particularly brave men who do not adhere to a dress code can even wear support stockings under shorts during the hot summer months to avoid trapped heat under long trousers. Remember that compression stockings only benefit your health if they are worn regularly, from the moment you get up throughout the day and, if possible, every day.

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