Do my compression stockings fit?

Do my compression stockings fit?

Do my compression stockings fit?

Compression stockings are essential for your leg health. If they don't fit well, it can become a major problem for keeping your legs healthy. Fit is such an important part of wearing compression stockings that you should always ask yourself how they fit. The following five simple ways will show you whether your compression stockings are badly fitting.

1) My compression stockings are painful to wear

Your compression stockings should never be painful. If they hurt, it is a sign that you are wearing too small a size or too much compression. Check your size by re-measuring your legs. Check out the size charts to make sure your measurements are still in the size range. Then check whether the compression level of your stockings is adequate. Talk to your doctor about the level of compression you should be wearing. Also determine where the pain is coming from. If your toes hurt, consider wearing an open toe style so your feet don't get bruised. If an area hurts behind your knee, make sure your stockings don't contract behind your knee.

2) My compression stockings slide over my legs

If your compression stockings slide down, check that the size is not too big. Sometimes, when the swelling in your leg decreases, the compression stockings become looser and you need to get a different size. If you have been wearing your compression stockings for more than 5 to 6 months, it may be time to buy a new pair. Compression stockings wear out over time. To get the right compression applied to your legs, it is important to always wear compression stockings that have not lost their elasticity.

3) My compression stockings are tightening

Compression stockings should never contract when you wear them. This is an indication that they are too long for you. Compression stockings usually come in 2 different lengths, a regular length and a short length. If your legs are short in length and you're wearing a regular length compression stocking, you'll notice extra material if you pull them all the way up. This bunching can cause the material to roll and form a tourniquet on your leg.

4) Even when I'm wearing my compression stockings, my legs swell.

If your compression stockings aren't controlling the swelling in your legs, you may not be wearing the right size or compression level. If you are a size that is too big for you, your stocking may not be compressed enough. Check your size to ensure your measurements are still within the size ranges. Check your prescription or ask your doctor if the level of compression is right for you.

5) I can't even put on my compression stockings

If you try to put on a compression stocking and it doesn't even put any weight on your foot, you may have a compression stocking that is too small for you. Check the size on the stocking and double check your measurements. It's easy to accidentally get the wrong size.

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