Jumping man with compression socks.

Compression stockings for men

You are a man and you are looking for a compression stocking. Read everything you need to know below:

Why compression stockings for men?
In fact, almost everyone can use support stockings. Just how to use the support stocking used and what determines which support stocking you need. For example, men can experience positive effects of support stockings during sports, sitting still for a long time or standing for a long time, when they suffer from disorders (such as varicose veins) or when they have to travel for a long time. In all cases you run the risk of suffering from injuries, swelling and discomfort (such as pain). It is better to prevent this, and that is exactly what our support stockings for men help with.

How does a compression stocking work?
The support stockings for men and women work thanks to the application of compression. Compression is basically firm pressure delivered to the wearer's lower legs. Thanks to the pressure, the veins are supported in draining the blood, which promotes blood circulation. As a result, you experience less aches and pains, which are often caused by reduced blood circulation.

Can men wear support stockings?
Of course men can wear support stockings (also called compression stockings)! Most compression stockings have a dusty image, because they are mainly worn by the elderly. But actually that is completely different with STOX Energy Socks. Our stockings are made with design in mind. This is how our stockings look modern, both the stockings for sports and travel, and the stockings for medical use. Our stockings are worn by Team Jumbo-Visma, the football players of FC Utrecht & Feyenoord, several hockey internationals. But also by flight attendants, cooks, pilots and people in the store.

Which compression stockings are there for men?
We mainly offer 4 types of stockings. What sets us apart from other brands is that our stockings are actually made with different materials, for every activity. This way you have optimal comfort when wearing the stockings. Our four types are:1. Medical support stockings: these are used by our customers to prevent and alleviate symptoms of conditions such as varicose veins. Made of comfortable materials for easy on and off.2. Daily stockings: These are used to prevent varicose veins and tired legs by people with a standing profession. Made of sturdy materials to get through the day.3. Sports stockings: prevent injuries & muscle pain during sports. Made of synthetic materials to prevent sweaty legs.4. Travel socks: prevent travelers thrombosis and swollen feet when flying. Made of merino wool for the temperature-regulating effect and comfortable fit.