Why you wear compression socks in every profession

Working woman in a red room with compression socks.

A new year has just begun. And we're already preparing for our long workdays and full calendars. But, is that a bad thing? No, it’s not. Long and busy days can be exhausting, but we found a solution to make it easier! Everything starting with 'too' is, in most scenario's, not good for you. The same goes for standing for too long and sitting for too long. Due to a prolonged inactivity of your body the blood circulation in your legs will deteriorate. We will examine these two scenarios.

Sitting for too long

We know it isn’t healthy to sit still for a prolonged period. The fact is that it isn't the body posture that is necessarily bad for you, but it's the long inactivity of your body. When you’re sitting for too long your body can’t react well to the hormone insulin as it usually does. This will result in your body having to produce more of this hormone, which is of course unfavorable. Your body isn't able to consume the insulin optimally anymore. This way of life shortens life expectancy and can eventually cause chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Overweight and depression are also associated with an inactive lifestyle.

How much should we move in a week?

  • Young people (aged 14-17): at least 60 minutes a day, moderately intensive. Preferably exercising at higher intensity three times a week.
  • Adults (18 years and older): at least 150 minutes per week, moderately intensive. Preferably higher intensity twice a week.

If you sit for a long time straight, the blood circulation in your legs will deteriorate. Logically, you are not moving sufficiently. STOX develops compression socks that ensures the blood flow stays optimal so there is maximum oxygen capacity to the muscles and you’ll experience energy flows in your legs. These compression socks are produced in medical machines and due to the different compression points there is an improvement in the discharge of blood and moisture. As a result varicose veins, for example, can also be prevented.

The STOX Pantyhose also energizes you during long work days. You can combine a beautiful dress or nice skirt with the black, navy or mocca pantyhose from STOX. The pantyhose also contains degressive compression. So you won’t be restless during a long meeting. Another big advantage of the pantyhose is that they're extremely elastic, which makes it ladder-resistant (yes, really!!) and super comfortable.

Standing for too long is no problem with compression socks

Standing for too long isn’t too much fun either. Hairdressers, stewardesses, shop staff. We can name many professions where standing up the whole day is usual. I’m telling you again, the word ‘too’ isn’t good for our bodies. Unfortunately, we can’t control gravity. When you stand or walk for a long time, the blood and fluid in your body sinks to your ankles due to gravity, that we can’t change. However, there is something we can do about this process. Wearing compression socks. The highest degressive compression of the STOX compression socks is around the ankle so the blood and fluid that has dropped to the ankles is pushed back up. The pressure gradually decreases to just below the knee so the compression socks don’t pinch. After a long day of standing normally you'll experience tired and sometimes even painful legs. This can negatively affect your work day. Thanks to STOX compression socks, tired legs are a thing of the past!

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