Men and woman standing with compression socks.

Are compression stockings covered by health insurance?

Are support stockings still reimbursed?

Since January 2013, the costs of medical support stockings are in many cases no longer reimbursed. Compression stockings with pressure class 1 are no longer reimbursed at all. You are only eligible for reimbursement if you have a medical diagnosis from your doctor. If this is the case, you will often receive 100% of the purchase price with a basic insurance, provided the stocking is purchased from a supplier who is affiliated with your health insurer. You can find these suppliers on the website of your health insurer.

Support stockings reimbursement depending on supplier

If you have purchased a stocking from a supplier that is not affiliated with your health insurer, you will receive 50 to 100% of the purchase price, depending on what type of insurance you have taken out. You do not have to pay a statutory personal contribution. Your health insurer will only reimburse two pairs of support stockings every 12 or 14 months. Does the supplier of your choice not have a contract with your health insurer? In that case, you must first request written permission from your health insurer before purchasing the stockings.

Support stockings without compensation

If you are not entitled to compensation for the support stockings, this investment will of course remain worthwhile for your health. If you treat the stockings properly, they will be able to maintain their effect for six months.