Duo running in the dunes with compression socks.

Start to run! Here's what you need to know before you start running

Everyone can start running. Every body is trainable, and you can make it as easy or as difficult as you want. That is why for many people it is a nice way of exercising. The use of a running schedule is popular, because you can gradually prepare for a longer distance, such as 5 kilometers or even a half or full marathon! Your body adjusts itself after every workout, in order to be able to achieve even better results for the next training session. Here you will find a running schedule that allows you to walk 10 kilometers in no time!

Useful apps

Besides a running schedule, there are of course other tools. Apps are very popular among runners! For novice runners, 5K Runners is a must, this app is very motivating (and it's free ;-)). The apps Runkeeper and STRAVA have a social function too: in addition to accurately keeping track of your own performance, you can also watch how your friends are running and respond to it.

Reasons to start running

There are many different reasons to put on your running shoes and go out, so it's not surprising that so many people do it. For many people, running is the perfect sport because it gets and keeps you fit: with running regularly, you bring your heart and blood vessels in the best possible condition. This is because you can lower your blood pressure and resting pulse, so you also run a much smaller risk of cardiovascular disease. What also helps with this is another effect of running: you lose weight.

Running also ensures healthy skin, because your blood circulation and thereby the removal of waste is stimulated. Your blood circulation will ensure that oxygen and nutrients reach your tissues (such as muscles), and that waste products and carbon dioxide are removed. Too much sitting still will not pump your blood properly, and this can have annoying effects. Exercising helps, but if you are sitting a lot in the same position at work (which is quite common in the Western culture), the Work Socks are ideal to stimulate your blood circulation! To stimulate your blood circulation while running, the Running Socks have been developed. They will help the blood that has been pumped down during the longer runs to be pumped up again just as easily.

With the increasing workload we experience, running is also the ideal way to get rid of the stress. Because you do something for which you have to exert and concentrate, daily worries fall into the background. Running is also a cheap type of sport, it requires an investment in good shoes and a nice sports outfit at the start, but then you'll be good for a while. Furthermore, it is a flexible sport that you can exercise whenever and wherever you want. And above all: you can run on your own level!

And once you're able to run a few kilometers without trouble, you can participate in all kinds of fun runs and running competitions! Think, for example, of the Dam tot Damloop, a half or even a complete marathon. In the Running Calendar you can look up when which run is, and you can filter at different distances, moments and locations. And you can count on being proud if you have that medal around your neck!

Risks of running

Although running has a lot of advantages, unfortunately there is also risks of injuries. Usually these are caused by overloading the muscles. That is why it is very important to gradually build up your training and to take enough rest between training sessions. The Recovery Socks help you to recover quickly after a workout so that you can get back to it in no time. Furthermore, good running shoes are also very important! For example, they help to cushion the shocks, in order to limit damage to your muscles. It is wise to discuss with a specialist which shoes are suitable for you.

Good luck with your first kilometers!