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Whether you play hockey or football, the chances are very small that you will walk onto the field without wearing shin guards. Logical, because even with shin guards, the wrong swing of a hockey stick or badly timed tackle is anything but pleasant. The thought alone hurts. Still, there are plenty of athletes who have shin guards and who still suffer from shin problems, irritations or even injuries. In this blog we explain in detail why wearing compression socks is the ultimate solution!

Wear socks under your shin guards

Wear sports socks under your shin guards, but if you use regular (sports) socks you will notice that this is even more annoying than if you do not wear socks at all. These socks eventually become and remain soaking wet. Before you know it, you have a pair of rubberized socks that sag continuously as you run. Because of the weight of the shin guards, these socks will therefore feel more like sandpaper. A solution that ultimately causes more problems and irritations.


Sleeves or tubes. These are 'footless' socks that only cover the area between your knees and ankles. You could almost call them gaiters for athletes. The biggest advantage of these socks is that the shin guard does not rub against your shin and you have less chance of skin irritations. These socks wick away moisture better and you will suffer less from unpleasant odors. In addition, these socks are easier to put on than normal sports socks and are in most cases cheaper to purchase. The ultimate solution? We have our doubts about that.

Our advice: compression socks under your shin guards

Developed Lightweight Running Socks. These compression socks are a lot thinner than our running socks and you can easily wear them under your shin guards. Just like the Running Socks, these compression socks ensure that the blood circulates even better through your leg muscles and waste products and moisture are better removed. This allows you to postpone the feeling of tired legs considerably, prevent muscle fatigue and avoid a lot of injuries such as shin splints or pulled muscles. The socks are also made of a special fabric so that they dry much faster than normal sports socks. The chance is therefore very small that your shin guards will get wet with sweat and cause unpleasant odors.

Hockey socks to keep the shin guards in place. This way you are completely ready for your intensive training or important hockey or football match! ;-)

TIP: Are you still recovering from an injury or haven't trained in a while? Then put on the Recovery Socks from STOX Energy Socks after exercising. These socks ensure that the blood circulation in your legs is improved, so that your legs get more energy and recover faster!

Maintenance of your shin guards

As you read, wearing compression socks under your shin guards means you are less likely to suffer from muscle fatigue or injuries, but you also prevent skin irritations. Do you have any questions about the use of compression socks or are you curious about what else you can use the STOX Energy compression socks for? Also check out our other blogs.

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