Couple running with compression socks.

Footless Compression Stockings: Where To Get, Benefits & Effects

Compression stockings are a well-known phenomenon in the medical world, but they are also becoming increasingly common in the sports world.

The classic support stockings come to the knee, others come to the groin (groin stockings). The advantage of this is that you get the optimal compression effect of a compression stocking in the lower body.

However, compression stockings can therefore be less comfortable and more difficult to put on.

Fortunately, there is a solution: Compression stockings without a base.

Advantages of support stockings without a base
The advantages of footless support stockings are:

  • Easier to put on and take off than a knee or groin stocking
  • Less hot feeling during the warmer days

Operation without pedestal
A support stocking exerts pressure on the leg and foot. The pressure is highest at the bottom of the body and slowly decreases. As a result, 'old blood' is pushed upwards and the body can regain optimal blood circulation.

However, with a footless support stocking, this process will start at the ankle and not in the foot.
For the leg this will not make much difference, however, for the foot it will.

The foot then no longer benefits from the compression effect, with the result that it can become swollen.

So decide well before you take a support stocking without a base, whether you also need it for the feet. Often this is indeed the case.

Who is it ideal for?
A support stocking without a foot is ideal when:

  • You are looking for a support stocking or compression stocking
  • You do not suffer from your feet
  • You want to experience less heat during hot days

Where can I get a support stocking without a base?
We, STOX Energy Socks, also sell support stockings without a base. You can find them in our 'tubes'.

Our footless support stockings are called 'tubes'.