New colors, trusted STOX technology

Discover the new colors. Our Merino Skiing Socks enhance blood circulation, reduce muscle fatigue and prevent cold feet.

Discover the benefits

  • Never have cold feet on the slopes again

    In cold temperatures, your feet tend to cool down quickly. The graduated pressure applied by the socks promotes blood circulation, keeping your feet at the right temperature.
  • Say goodbye to swelling and tired legs

    Our compression technology applies gradually decreasing pressure, from ankles to knees. This promotes blood circulation and reduces fatigue, swelling, and muscle pain.
  • Boost endurance

    Enhance endurance via improved blood flow and muscle stabilization.
  • Shorten your recovery period

    Speed up recovery by boosting circulation and decreasing lactic acid levels.

Merino Skiing Socks

Front view of turquoise compression socks with yellow details.

Merino Skiing Socks Men

Calze a compressione da uomo
2 colors
Front view of a turquoise compression skiing socks with pink details.

Merino Skiing Socks Women

Calze a compressione da donna
4 colors

Merino wool

Naturally breathable, thermoregulating, and antimicrobial. Merino wool keeps you warm and comfortable all season long.

The Ultimate Skiing Sock

The first one in the ski lift, the last one down the slopes. Our Merino Skiing Socks keep you warm and energized all day.

STOX Athletes

Janneke Berghuis

In the hunt for the European top spot, STOX Energy Socks help Janneke to recover from injury faster and train intensively to smash her goals.