Couple seen from the back running up red stairs.

No more muscle pain and injuries

Give your run a serious advantage with scientifically proven, graduated compression technology.

Discover the benefits

  • Legs running up stairs wearing dark blue compression socks.

    Reduce the risk of painful shin splints

    Through better support and circulation.

  • Couple running across red stairs wearing white socks.

    Lessen muscle aches and pain

    Diminish muscle pain for a more comfortable run.

  • Man and women running up stairs in red surroundings.

    Boost endurance

    Enhance endurance via improved blood flow and muscle stabilization.

  • Man pulling up white sock in red surrounding.

    Shorten your recovery period

    Speed up recovery by boosting circulation and decreasing lactic acid levels.

Our running collection

Front view of a knee high compression sock in bordeaux with orange accents.
Sports Socks Women
Women's compression socks
Front view of a fuchsia colored knee high compression sock with orange accents.
Running Socks Women
Women's compression socks
A knee high navy blue compression sock with orange details from the front.
Sports Socks Men
Men's compression socks
Front view of a high compression sock in blue with yellow accents.
Running Socks Men
Men's compression socks
Front view of a black compression calf sleeve with blue details.
Sports Calf Sleeves Women
Women's compression calf sleeves
Front view of a black compression calf sleeve with blue details.
Sports Calf Sleeves Men
Men's compression calf sleeves
White fabric with grey details.

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Medical board

  • Man wearing white doctor's coat with his arms folded over each other.

    Dr. Disselhoff

    Vascular surgeon at Cosmed Kliniek

    "As a vascular surgeon, I can confidently affirm to the exceptional comfort and support offered by these compression class 2 stockings. Designed with high quality materials, they prioritize both comfort and functionality. I recommend them to all individuals engaged in standing professions, ensuring optimal comfort and support throughout their demanding workdays."

  • Man standing on grass field wearing dark blue polo with logo's.

    Rogier Hoek

    Physiotherapist at Sparta

    "For those leading an active lifestyle or enduring long hours of standing at work, I highly recommend STOX Energy Socks."