Man with Sports Tights Short

The benefits of compression shorts

An indispensable part for every athlete: our Sports Tights Shorts, compression shorts made with targeted compression technology, to elevate your workout to a higher level. Discover below why you won't want to train without them.

The benefits of compression shorts

Injury prevention:

Our compression shorts with targeted compression provide effective support to the muscles, significantly reducing the risk of injuries such as groin and hamstring problems. Additionally, the improved blood circulation ensures that your muscles warm up faster, and you are ready to perform again immediately.

Reduction of muscle fatigue:

Thanks to the targeted compression of our compression shorts, muscle fatigue is effectively reduced. This targeted compression offers optimal support to your muscles, allowing you to perform at a high level and making your workouts more effective.

Accelerating the recovery period:

Our compression shorts accelerate the recovery process after intensive training sessions or injuries by improving blood circulation. This promotes the removal of waste products, such as lactic acid, which accumulate in the muscles during exertion, while simultaneously increasing the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. This combination is essential for a fast and effective recovery, so you are quickly ready for your next challenge. 

Improve your endurance:

Through improved blood circulation and targeted muscle support, our compression shorts help increase your endurance. This enables you to train longer and achieve better performance.

A man in motion, moving his feet towards his arms.

Compression shorts or leggings? Which one suits me?

The compression shorts provide specific support to the buttocks, hamstrings, and groins, while the long sports leggings support the entire legs. The compression shorts fit snugly without restricting your freedom of movement.

Experience the comfort of our Sports Tights Shorts for yourself. The targeted compression offers superior muscle support to the buttocks, hamstrings, and groins, reduces muscle fatigue, and ensures a shorter recovery period. The seamless, anatomical design ensures a perfect fit, while the moisture-regulating Dryarn® material keeps your legs dry and comfortable.