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The Best and Most Fun Hiking Sites In 2020! Unique Hiking Trails & More

Looking for the nicest and most interesting hiking sites in the Netherlands and Belgium?

STOX Energy Socks lists them for you.

Most hiking sites are about different hiking routes, tips and reviews of hiking equipment. Yet there are certain hiking sites that are more fun and useful than others.

The criteria for a good hiking site, which we use, are the following:
1. The site must have good sections on walking routes. Ultimately, walking is about taking fun and varied routes. A hiking site should therefore be about this

2. Useful information to make walking even more fun and safe. Reviews of hiking gear and apps are concrete examples of this.

3. Unique Input. Many sites write the same pieces about the same routes. Of course we are not waiting for that. That is why we also looked at unique routes that describe the website.

An overview of the best hiking sites can be found below:
This is the website of the Koninklijke WandelBond Nederland. Here you will find walking routes that run throughout the Netherlands. From walking routes in North Brabant to walking routes in Groningen, the KWBN has them listed for you. The handy search function ensures that you always find a relevant walking route that suits your needs and wishes.
In addition, writes a lot about equipment and tips while walking. For example, it tests hiking boots and socks. You can also find tips for training for walking events, such as the Nijmegen Four Days Marches.

Wandelroute wandelsite
This is a website managed by hikers who are looking for fun trips, or who want to organize a fun trip themselves. For example, you can create an account and start a tour yourself, for which others can sign up. The site is therefore made to meet and get to know other avid hikers. You can find their walking agenda on their agenda page.
This website is about the hiking adventures of a man named Frank. He is an avid walker and makes many different trips (such as city walks, but also nature walks abroad). If you want to discover a nice walking tour, this site is also ideal for you.
This is a website purely focused on walking tours. The advantage of this website is that it uses an overview with maps. On this website you can see very well where the walks take place and where they go.
This is not a hiking site pur sang, but it is a very useful website. This website rents out overnight stays in natural areas, which are ideal for walking. Definitely worth a try if you want to organize a walking holiday or weekend.

Wandelsite 2
So for walking tours you have many choices in the websites where you can orient yourself for this. is also such a website. Here you first choose what kind of walking tour you want to make, then the walking network gives a relevant recommendation.
Of course we know the ANWB from many things, such as roadside assistance. But the ANWB also has an excellent walking section on the website where they review products and apps for walking. Check out this section if you are looking for good hiking gear.

Naturally, Natuurmonumenten knows exactly where to find the most beautiful pieces of nature. Fortunately, the people behind nature monuments have also created beautiful walking routes around them. So don't be afraid to try a hiking route from this hiking site.
The National Railways, or NS, is not necessarily known for the walks. But the NS can surprise you in that. At the URL above you will find walking routes from NS station to NS station, ideal if you travel by public transport. Definitely worth a try.
Just like natural monuments, Staatsbosbeheer also knows the necessary places to walk in nature. So definitely try this hiking site.