Men walking in field with compression socks.

The 5 must-haves for the Nijmegen four days

1. A good walking playlist (or use your own singing talent) four-day song
We can start this list with the tip “good walking shoes or good compression socks”, but that's pretty obvious, so we'll skip this one. Nothing is more pleasant than getting into a rhythmic flow while walking. What is a good tool for this? Right, music! There are countless four-day songs that you can use and in no time your fellow walkers will sing along. Good for the feeling of togetherness! If you get tired of that, just put on your earphones or headphones and put on a spotify walking playlist. Before you know it, that first 40 kilometers is over and you can relax before the next 40 kilometers start. Above, the four-day song, to already memorize!

2. Fashion returns: the fanny pack
You probably know it, the bum bag or hipper: the fanny pack. Once an accessory that was inextricably linked to middle-aged day trippers, today it is also represented by millennials. Whether fashionable or not (let's leave that in the middle): the bum bag is everywhere! While you naturally wear a backpack for larger essentials while walking, the fanny pack is handy for smaller items that you regularly need. Think for example of labello, your phone, sunglasses or chewing gum. Thanks to the waist bag, you have those necessities at hand. Useful! And coincidentally, there are now very nice copies. This way you can go hip and practical through the four days.

3. We wonder why this hasn't gone viral yet: the hydration pack!
When we discovered this must-have, we were immediately sold. A backpack with a 2.5 liter water reservoir, which also has a gigantic straw attached. Hands-free drinking, the hands-free calling of 2017? Admittedly, there is also quite little space for other luggage. But hey, you can buy the fanny pack for that. And your neighbor's walker will probably want to share his bammjes with you, if you no longer have room for that yourself. This must-have is not only useful during the Nijmegen Four Days Marches, you can also use it while running or on a day out. Multifunctional!

4. Steal the show with your socks!
You won't overlook good walking shoes, but don't forget how important supportive running socks are. Physical complaints are unavoidable while walking the Nijmegen Four Days Marches. Fortunately, there are aids for this, for example compression stockings against lower leg complaints. Walking 100 miles in four days puts a lot of strain on your legs. Maybe you're thinking: “Ugh, those unflattering flesh-colored things? No thanks". Fortunately, we have the solution for that! Namely compression socks with a nice print. Not only functional and supportive, but also a feast for the eyes. Oh, and did your hiking buddy lose you in battle? Then he will have found you again in no time thanks to your colorful compression stockings! Do you want to buy compression stockings and do you need help with that? Then call one of our specialists. Then you always come out together!

5. Fan and cap in one
We didn't know this existed either, but now that we know, we want one: the cap with built-in fan. This cannot be missed while hiking. You are protected from the sun and you have the comfort of a fresh breeze on your face. By the way, the fan works on solar energy: you don't need batteries and you are also cooling down in an environmentally conscious way. No downsides if you ask us!

These were our 5 must-haves for the Nijmegen Four Days Marches. We wish all hikers a lot of success and fun. With these tips you will be fine!